Alilo Honey Bunny Special Edition

[Special Edition]
We are proud to announce the partnership we got from a Disney song distributor allowing us to offer a very unique experience with Honey Bunny.

Disney’s Princesses together with Mickey and Friends can now shout and sing our customer’s child name together with Honey Bunny.

Before placing an order, please message us your child’s name to check the availability on our list and we will be happy to assist you.

Sample Name: “Olivia
Mickey and Friends Click to Listen


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Alilo Honey Bunny With Disney Playlist

On top of Honey Bunny’s preloaded nursery rhymes, stories and lullabies, here are the playlists you may add.

1. Select your preferred Honey Bunny color
2. Send us the child’s name to check availability
3. Choose Between Mickey and Friends, Disney Princess songs or both (pricing at the end)
4. Send proof of payment
5. Give us 2-3days to prepare the orderMickey and Friends
1. Are You Ready?
2. Mickey Mouse March
3. Time For Fun
4. Zip-a-dee-doo-da
5. Hiya Goofy
6. Take Me Out To The Ballgame
7. Just Gotta Sing
8. If You’re Happy And You Know It
9. Where’s Pluto
10. Oh Where Oh Where
11. Favorite Things
12. Do Your Ears Hang Low
13. Lonesome Cowboy
14. Home On The Range
15. Let’s Play A Game
16. This Old Man
17. Grab Your Oars
18. Row Row Row Your Boat
19. You’re A Star
20. Twinkle Twinkle
21. One More Song
22. A Mouse Like Me
23. See Ya Real Soon
Disney Princess Tea Part Songs
1. Let’s Imagine Together
2. The Perfect Princess Tea
3. Learning To Be a Princess
4. Every Girl Can Be a Princess
5. Having a Tea Party
6. I Just Love Getting Dressed For Tea
7. Parties At The Palace
8. So Very Glad You’re Here
9. Invited to The Castle
10. Manners and Etiquette
11. Grand Celebrations
12. The Princess Dance
13. My True Love
14. I’m Waiting For My Prince
15. A Special Tea Party
16. Happy Birthday Princess
17. A Princess Farewell

Additional information


High quality 3W speaker with Volume Control

Key Lock

The control panel is equipped with a key lock


Rechargeable Lithium-Ionen-Battery

Battery Life

Up to 5 hours

Automatic Shutdown

In order to save battery, Alilo deactivates itself after 30 minutes. You can of course deactive this function

USB Port

Micro USB Port for recharging (USB cable included in delivery)

Night Light

Alilo's ears soflty glow in 7 colours


Height: 8.46'' (21.5 cm)
Width: 4.53'' (11.5 cm)
Depth: 3.94'' (10 cm)


375 g


– Buttons and ears: Soft silicone (in conformance of RoHS standards)
– Highly durable ABS plastic
– All materials have been thoroughly tested and conform to all current European safety standards


Blue, Pink, Purple, Red

Disney Playlist

Both, Disney Princess, Mickey and Friends