Baby Bunny


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Newest of the family! Digital media player, night-light, storyteller, and educator for babies and kids of all ages!
Baby Bunny plays 70+ classic stories, songs, soothing music and white noise sound to help children create rituals and sleep routines. Provide a clear high & low volume for your family, and greatly protect your children hearing. Bluetooth ready and rechargeable built-in battery.

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Alilo Baby Bunny comes with a pre-recorded selection of popular songs, nursery rhymes, bedtime stories and soothing sounds. In addition to its pre-selected repertoire, Alilo Bunny’s content is fully customizable and updatable via a built-in 8 GB Micro SD card and a mini USB port (store up to 500 songs or 100 stories).

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Rechargeable Lithium-Ionen-Battery

Battery Life

Up to 5 hours

Automatic Shutdown

In order to save battery, Alilo deactivates itself after 30 minutes. You can of course deactive this function

USB Port

Micro USB Port for recharging (USB cable included in delivery)

Night Light

Alilo's ears soflty glow in 7 colours


375 g


– Buttons and ears: Soft silicone (in conformance of RoHS standards)
– Highly durable ABS plastic
– All materials have been thoroughly tested and conform to all current European safety standards